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Welcome to the JamDig Home page

Better late than never I’ve navigated my way through my own procrastination to set up an opportunity for myself to display and share some of the images I make. This computer has acted as a virtual bed under which I’ve been storing my personal images for too many years. Dragging them out allows me to enjoy the images I’ve made and continue making new images with the point of having the creations looked at.

There has been a commercial Photographer standing in my place for many years. This blog is about getting back to my roots as a visual artist. Stretching back into my desire to express myself through images, and reconnect with my own creativity. And I’ll be throwing in a few words along the way.

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Bright Ideas

Sites and Sights

Sites and Sights

Get the lowdown on the blob. Thoughts, images and other connections.

For A Quick Tour of New Caledonia click the image beside. It’s a roller coaster ride but that’s the holiday. Have a look at the blog as well,

….for more fun and games.

Melbourne Sky

Look up this page and see what I found looking up in Melbourne. Click on the pic to find more architectural ideas.

Whether you like the images or not any response will be appreciated, so don’t be quiet, let me know what you think.

Hope you stick around and check out some of my posts and have some reaction to what you see.


3 Responses to JamDig Home

  1. Graceyloo says:

    Your works are great!!!

  2. Caz says:

    This is so cool James. I’m loving your work

  3. JamDig says:

    I luv your STUFF
    Luv OlIvE

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